Friday, February 15, 2013

Neon Trees!* (*not the band)

A while ago (January 19th, to be exact), I took a bunch of pictures of trees, then realizing that bare naked branches in picture after picture are not exactly the most interesting thing in the world, I edited them in Paint, Picasa, and Picnik (old-school, now defunct Picnik, not the g+ photo suite version), taking a lot of liberties with the color, saturation, exposure, etc. I've had these photos hanging out on my computer, not really doing anything, so I thought I would post them and get a little color and texture up in here.
I have plans to go to the museum this weekend, so hopefully I will have a more legit "arty" blog post in a  few days, but for now, enjoy some highly manipulated pictures of trees!

Oh, and the photos were taken at Woodland cemetery & arboretum, so if you notice grave markers or ghosts or something in the pictures, yep. That's what it is.